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The Complete MYO Plant Nutrition Range

What goes into our products?
Packed full of plant-based nutrition.

When we started formulating our products, we knew we wanted to created something special. With so many amazing botanicals and actives at our fingertips, how could we possibly do what everyone else had done before, just because that's what people felt comfortable with? We didn't wanted to re-invent the wheel.

We wanted to replace the wheel completely and invent a damn hoverboard. So, we got to work. We knew what needed to be in our products to tick those nutrition boxes. Optimal aminos, on-point protein and solid macros. Clean, straight-forward and effective formulations.

No fluff, empty claims or huge ingredient list. Just proven, functional nutrients.

Why go plant based?
Take charge in leading a balanced life.

We know that many people reading this won’t be plant based (in fact, many of the MYO team aren’t even fully plant-based). We know that a switch from a traditional meat heavy diet to a plant-based diet isn’t easy or realistic for most people. What we do know however is that if you’re reading this, you’re genuinely interested in the idea of consuming more plants or making small tweaks to your current diet to include plant-based alternatives.

That’s where we come in! There are multiple benefits of consuming more plants including easier digestion, increased micronutrient intake, reduction in environmental impact all whilst matching the same macronutrient profile as traditional animal-based supplements.

Why choose MYO Plant Nutrition?
Clear, concise and simple to use.

We knew that although animal-based products ruled the performance supplement world, plant-based options were just as nutritious and effective AND don't contribute to our carbon footprint in the same way animal products do.

We worked closely with suppliers to ensure our plant-based formulations hit the same macros and nutrient levels as their animal-based counter parts, and combined them with innovative, functional botanicals so consumers didn't feel they were compromising on quality or function by going plant-based with their supplements.

Fun Fact: Pea protein is estimated to be between 4x and 7x less greenhouse gas-emitting than milk protein when the production of raw ingredients is compared side-by-side.

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