Nick Butter is best known for his multiple world record setting global mission to become the first and still the only person to run a marathon in every country in the world. An expedition that took 674 days, Nick ran 3 marathons in 3 different countries each week, every week for 96 weeks. In doing so he set and broke multiple running world records and even took the title of fastest man to visit every country in the world.

Following this mammoth achievement Nick secured multiple Emmy award winning producers and directors to support a feature length documentary (being released in 2022), his book 'Running The World' rocketed to number one on the Amazon best sellers list in multiple categories, he was featured on the front cover of Runner's World magazine in multiple countries, and earned critical acclaim through awards such as 'The key to the City of London', scholarships to multiple universities, and voted in the top 5 best sporting moments of the past two decades.

What is the #fitin50 challenge?

'Fit In 50' is a 50-week challenge designed to answer three key questions…

1) How fit is Nick at the beginning of the challenge?

2) How much improvement can be seen in 50 weeks?

3) What can data teach us about optimising fitness?

With the help of various research institutes, private clinics, scientists and specialists, plus plenty of time in the gym, Nick will have 50 weeks after benchmarking his base fitness levels to understand how to optimise training, and train to become as fit as possible in 50 weeks.

"I’m often looked at as a beacon of fitness because I can run very long distances and yet I can’t lift more than a small backpack, my diet is terrible, I have no mobility, and I struggle to out-sprint a child."

OK Nick, but why now?

Continuous Improvement

As an athlete it's vital to never stop progressing and to spend as much time as possible outside the 'comfort zone'. It's easy to achieve a mission and fall into the trap of thinking "I am the best I can be". We are all capable of bettering ourselves. This is the chance to physically improve and showcase the advantages of taking on challenges Nick is less familiar how to complete.

Learn, Educate and Inspire

Learning new skills, understanding the data, and sharing the learnings with others will hopefully provide the tools for others to become fitter too. Whether an athlete or a beginner, this challenge will educate and inspire.

Data, Science, and Future

This challenge gives a unique opportunity to not only spend 50 weeks intensly training and learning, but to also gather data that will give future missions more chance of success. This data can also be shared with students and aspiring athletes to further their development.

Where, when, who with, and with what support?

Nick will be based in the UK, specifically Cornwall. The challenge starts Jan 1st 2022 and ends 31st December 2022. Allowing 2 weeks of wriggle room. Before Nick can start training he will build his own private gym space with all the equipment necessary. Cameras will be set up, calendars and charts planned out in detail. Once the challenge  gains traction celebrities and other experts from around the world will be invited to support his progress and aide publicity. Nick intends to spend multiple weeks in the US, Canada and Australia calling on various experienced conditioning coaches - Covid rules permitting.

The challenge is not just about getting fitter, it's also key to gather data, learn, and then share the journey in a detailed easy to understand format ready for all ages and experience levels. Once the challenge is complete Nick intends to spend a year sharing the journey with schools, corporate business and his followers to enable others to optimise their own fitness and health journeys so they can can benefit.

Written by Yooma Europe Limited

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