Essential Amino Acids & CocoMineral® - Watermelon


Containing all 9 essential amino acids (EAA's) with naturally occurring electrolytes from CocoMineral®, MYO's REPAIR intra-workout is your perfect training partner. 


product information

Flavour: Watermelon

The Ingredients
Essential amino acids (leucine, valine, lysine, phenylalaline, threonine, isoleucine, histidine, methionine, tryptophan), natural flavouring, citric acid, coconut water powder, stevia, natural colour (beta- carotene, red beet powder, paprika extract powder)


11g EAA Per Serving
23 Servings Per Tub
Contains all 9 Amino Acids

Nutritional Information Per 100g  Per serving (11g) 
L-Isoleucine  4.76 0.52
L-leucine  26.41 2.9
Valine  11.62 1.28
L-lysine Monohydrochloride  9.52 1.05
L-Phenylalaine  7.93 0.87
L-Threonine  3.75 0.41
L-Histidine  3.75 0.41
L-Methioinine  2.64 0.29
L-Tryptophan  1.06 0.12
CoComineral  1100mg of Potassium per 4.5g 0