Ask yourself a question… What is Wellness?
"If you're not sure then keep on reading, soon you will have some simple tools to Meet Your Objectives with MYO Plant Nutrition, for Energy!"
This guide is designed to give you practical and actionable advice to level-up your knowledge and understanding by following some simple steps.
MYO Plant Nutrition has teamed up with Nutrition for Energy Coaching to help.
Over 8 weeks, sports nutritionist and long-term behavioural change specialist James Hudson will take you through a comprehensive programme to help you make better decisions and improve your long-term health. 
We examine the facts together, you complete simple action points and make small, manageable changes to see immediate benefit.
By the end you will be equipped with tools and strategies to create sustainable positive change.
  • Week 1 - Personal Discovery : Examine and align your core values. We learn techniques you can apply right now to position yourself for long-term success whilst practicing breathing techniques to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Week 2 - What To Eat : Review what you eat. We teach you how to make easy swaps to improve your health. We also take a look at how caffeine and alcohol play their part and discover balance in your diet.
  • Week 3 - How To Eat : Follow a mindful eating demonstration and learn how to incorporate this into the everyday. You will discover how timing affects your performance and energy levels.
  • Week 4 - Harness The Power of Plants : Discover your microbiome and why is it vital to long-term health. You will record the number of different foods in your diet and understand the implications.
  • Week 5 - Control cravings, eat for the environment and hydrate : Understand the psychology of cravings and how to make them work to your advantage. James teaches us how to make these new habits stick by asking 4 simple questions. 
  • Week 6 - Mindfulness & Stress : Meditation is explained, simplified and practised in a guided session. Pick up some handy tips to combat stress during the day.
  • Week 7 - Sleep : Learn how to reset your circadian clock. How to get a better night's rest.
  • Week 8 - Progress and Supplementation : How to use supplements. We review the principles and methods touched on so far, cement what we have learned and make them stick - for life.